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PU Foaming Machine

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PU Foaming Machine

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PU Foaming Machine

Construction Application

The roof panel machines can produce various shapes of steel roof and wall panel. It is a new building material and the products are used as the roof and walls of factories, warehouses, garages, gymnasiums, exhibition centers, cinemas, theatres, etc. It has many advantages, such as easy installation, short building period, beautiful appearance and is light weight but high strength.

Sale Service
1. We provide the technical support for the whole life of our machines.
2. If a buyer needs the technician to go abroad, we will arrange the technician, but the buyer will have the responsibility of all costs, including visa, roundtrip tickets, hotel, etc.

Features of Roof Forming Machine
1. Our machines can use galvanized steel sheet, colored armor plate or aluminum plate as the material plate.
2. Controlling by computer, PLC display, operation is easy, running is steady and reliable, endurable, and maintenance-free.
3. We can make and design all kinds of roll forming machine according to customer's request.

YX114-660 Roof Forming Machine
Main Components

1.Manual Decoiler: one set
Un-powered,Manually control steel coil inner bore shrinkage and stop,
Max Feeding width: 1000mm,coil ID range 508mm±30mm
Capacity: Max. 5 Ton
2. Main machine
With feeding material guide, body frame made from H350 type steel by welding;
Rollers manufactured from 45# steel,CNC lathes,Heat Treatment, hard Chrome Coated;
Shafts Diameter=ф65mm,precision machined
Gear/Sprocket driving, 15-step to form
Main Motor=4KW , Frequency speed control
Forming speed approx.13-15m/min
3. Hydraulic Cutting device:
Cutter frame made from high quality 20mm steel plate by welding
Post cut, stop to cutting,Two pieces cutting blades,no blanking
Hydraulic motor: 2.2KW Cutting pressure: 0-8Mpa
Cutting tool material: Cr12, Heat treatment
4. PLC Control System
Control the quantity and cutting length automatically
Combined with: PLC, Inverter, Touch Screen, Encoder, etc
PLC: Delta brand (Taiwan)
Inverter: Delta brand (Taiwan)
Touch Screen: WEINVIEW brand (Taiwan)
Encoder: KOYO brand (Japan)
Cut-to-length tolerance≤±2 mm
Control Voltage 24V
5. Exit Rack Un-powered, two units
6. User's manual in English

Drawing for the YX114-660 Roof Forming Machine

Type Name Effective Width Feeding Width Thickness
YX114-660 Roof Forming Machine 660mm 914mm 0.4-0.8mm

Terms of trade
1. Minimum order quantity (MOQ): 1 piece
2. Delivery time: 90 days
3. Port of loading: port of Xiamen
4. Type of payment: T/T
5. Export: Australia, Ireland, Poland, Mexico, India, Iran, Dubai, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Iraq, and others.

XIAMEN BRANDNEW FORMING MACHINERY CO.,LTD is a professional roll forming machine manufacturer based in China. The wide range of products we offer includes PU foaming machine, construction roof panel forming machine, tile roll forming machine, door roll forming machine, C purlin machine, stud machine, and more.

Other Products

Company Brief: XIAMEN BRANDNEW FORMING MACHINERY CO.,LTD is a professional roll forming machine manufacturer, located in China. We provide an extensive line of products totaling over 100 types, including our roof panel machine, tile roof machine, purlin forming machine, shutter door machine, floor decking machine, keel machine, and many others. Our metal rolling equipment uses PLC control to ensure easy operation and high reliability